Disaster planning crucial

Published 10:40 am Friday, September 2, 2016

You never think it can happen to you, until it does.

Disaster can strike at anytime and being prepared is not something you want to learn the hard way.

That’s why, every year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency observes September as National Preparedness Month. It is simply a reminder that everyone should have a plan in place of what to do in the case of an emergency or natural disaster.

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“Plan in advance so your family knows what to do if a disaster strikes: how you will get to a safe place; how you will contact one another; how you will get back together; and what you will do in different emergency situations,” says Andrew Velasquez III, FEMA Region V Administrator.

FEMA recommends, whether at home or on the go, to be aware of emergency plans in place wherever your family spends their time: work, daycare and school, houses of worship, sports events and commuting. Be disaster ready, wherever you may be.

FEMA is offering some free printable family plans on its website fema.gov, one for children and one for adults, that can be filled out with names, phone numbers and places to go in the event of an emergency. The child’s version also has space to draw maps of meeting spots.

Make some time this weekend to sit down with your children and family members to discuss what you would do in a disaster situation. It is much better to have a plan and never have to use it, than to be without clear directions during a crisis. It could just safe a life.