Clinton’s health a real issue

Published 10:43 am Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Now that the health of Hillary has become a serious issue in the mainstream media and not just a dirty alt-right rumor, maybe someone should carry Bill Clinton down to the nearest clinic for a checkup.

Bill appears to be in much worse shape than poor old Hillary.

In his campaign speeches the old lech looks and talks like some retired codger you’d find hanging out at Jerry’s One Stop convenience store in Hope, Ark.

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If I’m running Hillary’s Campaign to Nowhere, I’d pull the old man off the trail immediately and let him appear only at private $100,000-a-plate fundraisers in Hollywood.

All thin, rich Bill does now is remind people how old and tired he and Hillary are.

The thought of Bill and Hillary —- the Old Couple? — together again in the Oval Office might still bring tears of joy to Babs Streisand and the rest of the liberal entertainment elite.

But to any voter under forty it must look like their grandparents’ bridge club is trying to take over the country.

Trump isn’t exactly the most fit or youthful 70-year-old, no matter what Doctor Oz decrees. He too is older than we’d like.

But at least he can still play golf, climb up and down stairs without assistance and use a cellphone without losing it. He isn’t almost collapsing in public, either.

Poor Hillary’s public stumble at the 9/11 memorial ceremonies last weekend forced her to do what she, Bill and the entire Clinton Mob do better than any modern political operation in modern history —- lie.

They could have come out and said Hillary had pneumonia but she thought the 9/11 ceremony was so important she tried to tough it out. She could have been a hero.

Instead they did what first comes naturally to the Clintons. They hid from the public and started lying.

They’d still be lying if some ordinary guy with a smartphone and a Twitter account hadn’t caught her wobbly walk on video.

And we’d all still be believing she left in the middle of the event because she works harder than any man, was dehydrated and got sunstroke on a pleasant morning thousands of others thought was perfect.

The mainstream news media didn’t discover Hillary’s latest lies. They didn’t even capture her stumbling collapse into her SUV. Maybe they’ll do better next time, but don’t count on it.

WikiLeaks and the Russian hackers are doing the dirty work the media won’t do. Now we’re outsourcing our journalism.

The true state of Hillary’s health is a serious issue and her people can’t be trusted to provide us with the truth. But in her basket of deplorable acts, where do you put this one?

On top of Benghazi? Above the emails? Below the Clinton Foundation? Next to her lousy job as secretary of state? Under all those quarter-million dollar speeches she and Bill made?

Trump is no prize for anyone with Republican or conservative values. And it’s not pretty to watch him learning to be a politician on the job — and in public.

But for all the insulting things he’s said or dumb liberal things he and Ivanka want to do, he still has the potential to not make Republicans sorry they voted for him.

There’s no hope for old Hillary to change for the better. She betrayed her true, nasty character when she read her “Deplorables Speech” to her elite pals.

Millions of American voters have been given a rare glimpse of the real Hillary. Let’s hope most of them saw that she’s the one who’s really deplorable.


Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant and author. Send comments to