Conway sinking with Trump

Published 1:03 pm Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The circus employee who walks behind the elephants with a shovel and bucket has an unpleasant task but at least, after a shower, believes he’s done a public service. What’s Kellyanne Conway’s excuse?

We’ve seen a lot of Conway since she took over as Donald Trump’s campaign manager in August. Indeed, her omnipresence in interviews and on cable shows is probably greater than his, and her place in politics was cemented in the season opener of “Saturday Night Live” when Kate McKinnon portrayed her.

Conway is poised and articulate —- a “good interview” bookers will tell you —- and a successful career conservative, who runs a polling company.
But why is she sliming herself with Trump? Moreover, why do so many liberals, from Rachel Maddow to Bill Maher, fawn over her, instead of showing disgust?

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An even bigger question for Conway: Do you actually believe everything you say in defense of Trump’s words and behavior?
In recent days she’s had to explain on CNN that Trump thinks “global warming is naturally occurring.” On “The View” she awkwardly confirmed that Trump did illegal business in Cuba. To Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, she described Trump as having been “gracious” toward Hillary Clinton in the first debate.

Is it just the paycheck that motivates Conway? Certainly she’s not the only Republican in serious danger of sinking on Trump’s boat. Party chairman Reince Priebus comes to mind, although even as a paid promoter of the GOP and its candidate, Priebus has at times questioned Trump’s judgment and conceded that his actions hurt the party.

But Conway toes the line every step of the way and gets a free pass.

“I’m so proud of you!” Bill Maher gushed on his HBO show, as he cooed through a satellite interview with his “old friend.” He called her “the most important person in the world” for having been able to “tame Donald Trump.” He added, “You’re so good at what you do!”

Many in media treat Conway almost as they would a court-appointed defense attorney. They seem to be saying that every politician, no matter how vulgar, deserves the best media spokesperson money can buy, and that serving that function is some kind of civic responsibility.

When Rachel Maddow interviewed Conway she began by praising her and noting, “It’s the first time any woman has ever managed a Republican presidential campaign, ever.” The progressive MSNBC host offered “congratulations,” failing to note that working in such a visible role for someone like Trump might setback women in campaign jobs for years.

Conway isn’t a victim of Trump, she’s an enabler. She took Trump’s job by choice and clearly doesn’t need the money or exposure. If by chance he’s elected, Conway deserves a major share of the blame.

Having finally come round to calling out Trump for his distortions, TV hosts and media writers should now stop feeling sorry for Kellyanne Conway and bending over backwards to excuse the deception she is practicing. They must take her to task as aggressively as they must her boss.

A low point in one of Conway’s nimble-but-nonsensical anti-Clinton riffs was when she stated flatly: “I can’t support someone who lies for a living.”

Was Conway talking about herself? Or was she referring to the circus performer she follows around with a bucket?