Nominate all unsung heroes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 9, 2016

Each year, sports teams across the country begin preparations for their upcoming season with the goal of playing in the biggest game of the year, a championship.
That is the case for The Tribune as well, as we work for nearly four months in preparation of producing our largest publication of the year, our Profile edition. It is our Super Bowl or National Championship edition.
Set for the last Sunday of next February, the 2017 edition of Profile will be published and inserted into your paper.
Just like those sports teams, our staff will be working hard to deliver you the best edition to date. In the coming months, we will write and edit stories, take and tone photos, and have practice runs for production to ensure when the time comes to send off the final product and insert it into the paper, we are prepared to give a championship worthy performance.
Like in years past, the edition will be over 100 pages, featuring many people and places from throughout Lawrence County through a myriad of photos and stories.
While the next edition of Profile will feature those stories and photos, we would like your help. One of the long-standing features of The Tribune’s Profile edition are the “Unsung Heroes”.
We are seeking to know those residents of Lawrence County who do something to make a difference for others so they can be highlighted for their efforts. While we understand many of those certainly give their time and effort to help those in need, not to receive recognition, we want to showcase them in this year’s edition.
These unsung heroes could be a family member, friend, neighbor, educator, law enforcement, doctors or nurses or anyone who helps make Lawrence County a better place for all and deserve their efforts to be highlighted.
Nominations should be submitted by Jan. 27 by filling out the form that we will start publishing in the daily editions of the Tribune in November. Or, you can email a short summary of the person and why they should be included in the “Unsung Heroes” section of the Profile edition.
All nominations should be emailed to Michelle Goodman (, dropped off at our office during normal business hours at 2903 S. 5th Street, or mailed in to PO Box 647 Ironton, Ohio 45638.
If you are sending through the postal service, please be sure to put it to the attention of “Unsung Heroes”.
When submitting your information about the “Unsung Hero,” please be sure to include your name, city, and telephone number with the nomination form. While it is certainly OK to nominate someone anonymously, we need the information from the person making the nomination for verification purposes.
There is no limit on how many are nominated by an individual.
Lawrence County has so many wonderful people who make it their main goal to make a difference for others in Lawrence County each day.
Having so many who work together is one of the many great things about Lawrence County, and being able to feature them each year in the Profile edition is the least we can do.

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