Grant good for county

Published 10:44 am Tuesday, October 25, 2016

When driving past a home or lot that has obviously been abandoned or is in extremely poor condition, many thoughts can go through a person’s mind.

This can be especially true for those who live next door or nearby those properties. However, many of those eyesores will be a thing of the past over the next several months with $4.325 million in grant funding from the Ohio Department of Housing’s Neighborhood Initiative Program to the land bank created for Lawrence County this past July.

The grant will provide the ability for approximately 200 properties throughout Lawrence County to be reclaimed or torn down and allows those parcels to be sold or used as green space.

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This is a positive step for our communities, and we applaud the efforts of all those involved in making this possible.

The ability to turn what is an eyesore or a health hazard now into a piece of property that will benefit the owners and those around them should be the priority.

Along with the aesthetic enhancement created through the funding, other benefits will be realized as well. Jobs will be realized to complete the rehabilitation or removal of the current structures, but also these projects will help beautify our neighborhoods. This is one aspect of potentially attracting new business to our communities.

In the end, our ability to work together on projects like these will make our county a better place and be a benefit for all residents.