Levies important to consider

Published 11:03 am Thursday, October 27, 2016

While several races for office will highlight the Nov. 8 general election in Lawrence County, a variety of operating expense levies and alcohol options will be on ballot as well.

Proctorville and the third precinct in Burlington, more specifically the Kroger and Casa Grande Mexican restaurant, seek to allow alcohol sales. For Kroger, this would be for sales Monday-Saturday. Voters in these precincts should not immediately dismiss these two ballot issues, but look closely at the specifics before making a decision.

Voters in Proctorville and Upper Township will choose whether or not to renew a levy for fire protection and emergency medical services, while Fayette Township seeks to replace their levy for those same services.

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Chesapeake and Proctorville will have levies for current expenses, with Chesapeake being an additional levy and Proctorville seeking a renewal.

Voters throughout the county will vote on a ballot measure for the Adams, Lawrence and Scioto Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) for an additional levy for current and general expenses.

While many of the levies may look like a large amount, the impact on property owners will be minimal each year, with the additional cost being around the same as one meal for two at a restaurant or a couple of pizzas during the course of a year. But the cost of not having that fire protection or emergency medical services could be much larger.

Ultimately, many of these ballot levies and options are for specific townships and villages, and residents voting on those issues must weigh the pros and cons for their respective needs and decide what is truly the best option.