Observe Red Ribbon Week

Published 12:01 am Sunday, October 30, 2016

When we see ribbons on sports helmets or pinned to clothing, in most cases people know what they signify.

However, many may have seen a red ribbon this week and not known the effort that it supported. The red ribbon represents National Red Ribbon Week that runs from Oct. 23-Oct. 31 this year, and looks to provide education to youth on drug and alcohol abstinence.

Each of these causes are very important to our communities because they look to raise awareness and education for things like various forms of cancer, drugs and alcohol and many other illnesses and epidemics.

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Unfortunately, we are in an area where a drug use presents a huge problem for residents, and ultimately doesn’t discriminate on who it affects. In most cases, drug and alcohol abuse is viewed as on affecting adults, but it truly touches each generation. While children may not take drugs or drink, having parents who are addicted can have a severe impact on those children’s lives, both mentally and physically.

Continuing to bring awareness and education to all of these illnesses is a vital part of ultimately finding a solution.

If educating our youth helps change one life or family, it is all worth the time and effort.