Stop illegal dumping

Published 12:36 pm Thursday, November 17, 2016

A long-standing issue throughout Lawrence County has been litter and illegal dumping. And while many groups and organizations have tried to curb this problem, it is an unfortunate that we may never see the problem completely eliminated. But with continuous efforts and cracking down on those who are found responsible, our environment will see the benefit.
Sidewalks, roadways, riverbanks and rural parts of our county are not wastebaskets and shouldn’t be treated as such.
When someone simply throws out water bottles or other trash, or illegally dumps a tire or couch, it doesn’t magically disappear or clean itself up. In every case, individuals or groups have to clean it up, whether that is a resident, a business, civic organization, or local government workers.
Not only does trash simply make our county’s landscape look bad, it also can be a serious hazard to the health of residents. This could be someone stepping on a broken bottle or rodents and insects making a home of tires and other large debris.
We encourage anyone who sees someone littering or illegally dumping items to report them to the proper authorities. You can do this confidentially.
Our ability to work together will directly correlate to alleviating this serious issue for our county and residents.

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