Share the positive

Published 10:54 am Thursday, December 1, 2016

All too often, we see, hear and feel the negative going on around our county and region.

This is true regardless of the medium in which the news is consumed. Whether it is in the newspaper, television, radio, social media or seen in person, unfortunately it is something real in our lives every day.

The newspaper’s job is to keep the public informed and hold our elected leaders accountable and, unfortunately, that involves negatives elements. However, in the same light, our job is to highlight the good things happening as well.

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And positive things are happening in Lawrence County and the region.

Whether it is a new business coming to your community, individuals or organizations going above and beyond to make a difference, or a local sports team having a dream season. We want to know about all those occasions to share with our readers.

The Tribune may own the building and the printing press, but one thing is certain — this newspaper belongs to you, the communities we serve. But the newspaper is a reflection of the community, and we need your help to shine a light on the positive things happening in our community.

Beginning Dec. 27, and every Tuesday thereafter, The Tribune’s editorial board will seek to share those wonderful things happening throughout Lawrence County.

Your support has always been an integral part of the continued success of the Tribune, and we want you to be directly involved by submitting those positive occurrences to starting Dec. 5.

Moving away from the negative stigma starts with showing just how many great things are happening right here at home.