Student helps a cause

Published 10:40 am Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shaves head to raise money for children’s hospital

A St. Lawrence Elementary student, said good-bye to his locks on Tuesday, in order to help raise funds for a good cause.

Mathew Heighton, 11, of the sixth grade is set to portray Daddy Warbucks in the school’s Christmas production of “Annie,” and needed to get closer to the character’s bald look.

“They started to get him a skull cap,” Aaron Heighton, Mathew’s father said. “But then we thought about how we could make this into a worthwhile cause to raise money.”

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Aaron Heighton, who serves on the board of the Cabell Huntington Children’s Hospital, said they decided to commit to the part and shave his head. Students at St. Joseph High and St. Lawrence were asked to donate to the hospital in return for the opportunity to see Matthew get sheared.

“It’s a way to raise money for kids this Christmas, and to try to help others,” his father said.

A crowd of students from both the high and elementary schools gathered in St. Joseph’s gym for the moment on Tuesday, when Matthew’s father brought a pair of clippers to do the deed.

“Shave his head! Shave his head!” the students chanted as the hair fell to the floor.

Mathew’s mother and father have agreed to match the total donations to the hospital, which will be collected through Wednesday.

Aaron Heighton said the hospital has done “amazing things” for the community.

“I’ve seen what they’ve done for children, such as those born into the drug side of things,” he said. “The level of care they give to children here is truly great.”