Browns tell Pryor to control antics

Published 1:59 am Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BEREA (AP) — Terrelle Pryor’s talent is undeniable. The Browns are concerned about his temper.
A day after Cincinnati cornerback Adam Jones profanely berated Cleveland’s wide receiver following the Bengals’ 23-10 win by calling him “garbage” numerous times, Browns coach Hue Jackson said Pryor has been involved in far too many similar situations.
Earlier this season, Pryor called out the Browns offensive line for not protecting the team’s quarterbacks and he has been demonstrative on the sideline during games.
Also, New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins ripped Pryor on social media following a recent Browns loss, and during Sunday’s game, he got into a brief, finger-pointing argument in the huddle with Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III.
Jackson appreciates Pryor’s fire. He just wants him to cool it a little bit.
“We’re going to stop all that,” Jackson said. “We don’t need all that. I want to say this about Terrelle: I don’t think he’s trying to be negative when he’s doing it. That’s just not the type of football team we want to be.”
Pryor was visibly upset following Sunday’s loss, which dropped the Browns to 0-13, three losses from becoming the NFL’s second 0-16 team.
The team’s leading receiver, he caught just one pass for 3 yards and was essentially a non-factor for the second time this season against the Bengals, who waived him in 2015 before he was signed by Cleveland.
Pryor, who can become a free agent in March, did not speak with reporters afterward and declined a request to be interviewed Monday.
On Sunday, Jones singled out Pryor when he erupted into a rant in Cincinnati’s locker room. At one point, Jones grabbed a trash can near his locker and shouted, “Hey, let me find him. Terrelle, you in there?’ You in there? Get on up out of there.”
Jones claimed Pryor had spoken to Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther, telling him he was going to have a big game against him.
Jackson was aware of Jones’ outburst, but when asked about it, he expressed more disappointment in Pryor’s on-field behavior. He admires Pryor’s passion, but needs him to control it better.
“It’s unfortunate that those things have happened,” he said.
“I don’t think that they have any place in the National Football League, especially on our team so we’re going to try and get all those things quieted down. We just want to play football, be the best football players we can be and let’s get away from all of that.
“Sometimes some of our players think it’s their prerogative, not just our players, other players, to make comments and we need to settle whatever differences we have on the football field and leave it at that and be pros about what we do and compete against each other and move forward.”
The Browns are interested in signing Pryor to a new contract and have had preliminary talks with his agents. Jackson said the team will take Pryor’s comportment into consideration during negotiations.
“I know Terrelle,” Jackson said. “There is a type of team we want to be and we are going to be. We will get these things, these antics or however you want to look at them slowed down because we want to do this thing right.
“I don’t want anybody to think that he is the root of a problem or something like that. I just think we have to redirect and channel some of his energy.”
Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins played with Jones in Cincinnati. He wasn’t surprised he got into it with Pryor given the makeup of both players.
“I know how Adam is, he’s a fiery guy and I know how he is,” Hawkins said. “I know how Terrelle is, he’s a fiery guy. They’re competitors and whenever you have two competitors, two A-type personalities, two lions that come together, this is the result.
“It will make for entertaining football next year when the Bengals play the Browns again.”
NOTES: Jackson said there were no significant injuries from Sunday’s game. … Browns rookie WR Corey Coleman, who missed six games with a broken right hand, expressed disappointment in his season. “I feel like I let a lot of people down,” said Coleman, who has 23 catches and been targeted 55 times. “So I know what I have to do — finish these last three games really strong and offseason, now I know what to expect from the NFL. I’ll be a lot better coming back.”
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