Help animals find homes

Published 10:21 am Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Finding a new family pet can be more difficult than what it seems at the surface. Many factors can come into play when looking for a new animal to home. Do you want a dog or cat? Are they housebroken or litter box trained? Are they good with kids? Spayed or neutered? Get along with other animals? Each of these things are questions for people to answer before making a decision.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with searching at a local pet store, another avenue to search that has a variety of dogs and cats looking for a home is available. And that is the Lawrence County Animal Shelter. In many cases, there are overcrowding issues at the shelter that, unfortunately, involve animals having to be euthanized, despite the best efforts of finding homes for the dogs and cats being housed.

The Tribune recently featured a 10-year-old resident who used her birthday money to help support the efforts of the Lawrence County Animal Shelter. Her efforts are commendable, but we should all take part in making sure the continuous overcrowding problem is addressed.

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This starts with current animal owners spaying and neutering their animals, but also give the shelter the support it needs to find homes for the dogs and cats with loving families.

Beginning Friday, Jan. 20, The Tribune will do its part when it begins publishing a pet of the week.
Through this process, if even one dog or cat can find a new home, it will be time well spent.