Event highlights academics

Published 10:27 am Friday, January 6, 2017

In many cases, when we hear the term “competition” with school districts, the first thought that comes to mind is sports.

However, schools from around Lawrence County assembled on Wednesday, minus the stadiums or gyms full of screaming fans, to compete in the annual middle school quiz bowl competition.

While the majority would agree that athletes who train and practice plays and have the best teamwork will be successful on the field or court, the same can be said for all those participants who work in the classroom to reach their goals.

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Conducted at Ohio University Southern in Ironton, this week culminated the season for the quiz bowl teams, the team from Ironton Middle School claimed the top prize.

We applaud all the individuals, teams, instructors and all those involved in providing a quality educational opportunity for our students.

Any academic and sports contest in school affords our county’s young people the ability feel the excitement of competition and working towards a goal.

Each student who participated this year should feel proud that they were part of working hard, promoting teamwork and representing their school.