Plan helped with transition

Published 10:16 am Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Change can be difficult on a variety of fronts, as a result of alterations in schedule, structure or even faces.

However, if changes are planned properly and executed well, the effects can be minimized.

That is the case for around 200 clients, who, at the beginning of the year, transitioned from Tri-State Industries to Person Centered Services (PCS). This was the result of a change mandated from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, based on new federal law.

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Previously, those clients were serviced by the Lawrence County Board of Development Disabilities. This included developing, planning and implementation of the plan for adult services and billing Medicaid. This change impacted boards of DD across the state, citing a conflict of interest because funding for the board comes from Medicaid.

These changes for adult residents of Lawrence County with developmental disabilities could have been far-reaching, but because of the work of the staff from both the board of DD and PCS, the transition that took place Jan. 1 helped alleviate many of those potential issues.

We applaud the work of all involved in the conversion, and while change is never easy, having the ability to plan, execute and ultimately work together for the betterment of the clients served was the most important part of the outcome.