Programs will be an asset

Published 10:15 am Thursday, January 12, 2017

Many times, when a person commits a crime and ultimately progresses through a rehabilitation center, the treatment is rightfully focused on giving the offender the tools needed to overcome a variety of issues that may have led to the crime. However, while the individual may have the ability to defeat many of the factors that resulted in the crime, they may still lack the skills and education needed to do things like find employment.

Educational opportunities, the ability to obtain a GED and have assistance in developing the skills on how to look and find a job are the primary goals of the new programs being offered to residents at the STAR Community Justice Center.

These programs, in addition to the rehabilitation aspects, are extremely valuable and can enhance the ultimate success, long after the treatment program is finished and the residents are released.

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Through a grant from the Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership, the Community Action Organization of Scioto County was able to bring Ohio Means Jobs onboard and provide the new programs to the residents at STAR.

In the end, the success or failure of the treatment and education programs at STAR resides solely in the individuals desire to overcome whatever the issues were that landed them in the facility to begin.

We hope that each current and future offender that goes to STAR will take full advantage of the opportunities given to turn their lives around.