Fallen light post misses house, drops line over cars

Published 10:02 am Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Officers responded to a fallen light pole at 2520 South 12th street in Ironton on Tuesday morning. The pole, which appeared to have just rotted away at the base according to Ironton Police Officer Katie Lawson, fell into a tree, avoiding any damage to the house. However the power was still active, as evidenced by the light remaining on, and the power lines were laying over neighboring cars in the rear of the residence. Lawson and Officer Chris Bowman confirmed that the electric company would be called out to do the necessary repairs, including shutting off power and safely removing the lines from the automobiles.

“They’ll come out and fix it,” Bowman said.

“I just happened to be patrolling through here,” Lawson laughed, “and saw it, and was like, ‘well that’s not normal!’”

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AEP was called and has responded to the fallen pole.

“We got a call that the pole had fallen down,” said AEP spokesperson Fay White. “We had someone out there. They have cleaned up the area and they are going to come back at a later date to replace the light pole.”

White explained that the crews responded by 9:37 a.m., just over an hour after officers responded at around 8:15 a.m., and were able to remove the downed lines from the automobiles. A timeline on when the streetlight will be replaced, however, has not been set.