Remembering the flood

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In two days, the Tri-State will remember the 80th anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters ever seen.

While it is been eight decades since the flood, the impact of that incident can still be felt today and changed the way we view the power of the Ohio River forever.

Water can be an extremely powerful entity, but it is also easy to take that power for granted. For the region, the river can play a vital role not only in our lives, but in the economic development of many industries.

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In January 1937, rain battered down on the Ohio Valley and the river continued to rise. Ironton, along with many other communities in the Tri-State were under water and it was truly a catastrophe that, now many years later, can be easily forgotten.

We have floodwalls and systems in place, and while it can be difficult to find the funding in a time when the governmental system as a whole is strapped financially, working to ensure these systems function properly and protect residents of these communities is essential.

Ultimately, as each year passes, it is always important to remember the powerful impact Mother Nature can have on our lives.