Editorial: Region making progress

Published 12:27 pm Thursday, February 2, 2017

On the surface, economic development can often be misunderstood because what many view is slow progress.
However, this concept should be viewed as a long-term prognosis rather than a quick fix, as economic development can take time, but will ultimately benefit the whole.
For a community, county and region, economic development is the lifeblood that can be a cog for resurgence from a downturn that we, in Lawrence County and the entire region, have been in for several years.

This week, the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) held their annual meeting and provided a review of the year and a glimpse of the projects in the works.
Each of the projects provides our region with the possibility of new business and expansions of others, many working as partners with other agencies toward a common goal of betterment of the county. In the end, the reports show progress and forward-looking plans to aid in turning the economic outlook around.

These include new tenants and expansion of another at The Point Industrial Park and a new strip mall development next to the Chamber of Commerce office in South Point.

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Each of these projects are positive steps in the right direction and the efforts of all involved should be commended.

Not only does the work attract new business, but jobs are created and increases in tax revenue will be realized throughout the county as well.

While some may say the economic turnaround is too slow or not enough, without the vision and investment in our communities from individuals and entities like the LEDC and other agencies, the progress would simply be nonexistent.