Accepting the challenge

Published 11:10 am Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Making a life-changing discovery or shedding new light is something that many only dream about, see on a television screen or read about in a book.

But for students throughout Lawrence County, participating in last week’s county science fair gave them the opportunity to do just that. Looking at health, engineering, a discovery in electricity or studying aspects of our environment are just a few examples of things that can one day lead to improving our way of life.

And it may have started with a science fair project.

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Many of these projects allow a student to learn in a variety of forms like picking a task, developing a hypothesis, testing and reaching a conclusion. Even if the hypothesis is false, the students are able to learn. Additionally, these projects teach our youth responsibility, decision-making and teamwork in some cases.

The learning in a science fair is not only scholastic, but allows these students life skills as well.

We commend each student who accepts the challenge each year to not only benefit his or her academic future, but also potentially changes someone else’s life. This goes for the parents and teachers who provide vital support throughout the project.

The ability to learn isn’t just for the classroom, but at home and practical situations as well.

And this is afforded each year at the county science fair.