Aggravated murder charge upheld

Published 10:38 am Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trial set for week of June 12

William K. Elkins, Sr., 56, of Chesapeake ,went before Judge Charles Cooper on Wednesday and had his pre-trial set for March 8.

Elkins, who was previously sentenced to 14 years in the death of Ricky Crager after pleading guilty to manslaughter in April of last year, attempted to withdraw his plea at that time. But Cooper went ahead with sentencing on that charge while Elkins went through the process necessary to formally withdraw his plea in writing.

Judge Cooper reinstated Elkins original charge on Wednesday, aggravated murder with a firearms specification, and set bond at $1,000,000 cash surety.
Elkins trial is currently set for the week of June 12.

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Ricky Fraley, 47, of Gallipolis was back before Cooper to correct a clerical error. Though everything was stated correctly, a clerical error had Fraley sentenced to four years CCS rather than four years of incarceration on a burglary charge. Cooper was able to clarify the record and confirm the defendant’s plea, and sentenced Fraley to four years, with credit for time served. Fraley will be eligible for parole after one year.

Anita Rossiter, 40, of Crown City pleaded guilty to failure to comply with police. She was sentenced to four years community control sanctions with intensive supervised probation and ordered into a program at STAR.

Frank D. Smith, 62, of Huntington, waived his right to a speedy trial and had his ankle monitor removed, although Cooper ordered him to otherwise maintain the same restrictions. Smith, who is accused of providing support to Marvin Sexton in his felonious assault case, will have his case continued until March 8.

Jeremy A. Smith, 25, address unknown, plead guilty to trafficking in Oxycodone, a felony of the second degree. The state moved to nullify Smith’s first count, and he plead guilty to the second. Cooper chose to leave bond as it currently is and set sentencing for May 10.

Leo Ulery, 23, of Ironton, plead guilty in a theft of firearm case. Ulery, who told the court he used to work as a licensed drug counselor during his final statement, was given the maximum sentence of 36 months, with credit for time served.

Cooper noted that “even a licensed drug counselor can backslide” into addiction after Ulery explained that at the time of the theft he had some financial troubles that created stress that lead him to begin using drugs again, and making other bad choices.

“Disease doesn’t discriminate,” Ulery replied.

Judge Andrew Ballard saw Dean Fields, 53, of Ironton, in his court Wednesday morning. Fields pleaded not guilty on three counts, failure to comply, tampering with evidence, and improper handling of a firearm. His bond was set at $7,500 and he was set to reappear before Ballard on Feb. 22.

Derek M. Goorey, 27, of Ironton, also pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic violence and disrupting a public service. Goorey had his bond set at $5,000 cash surety and $20,000 own recognizances and scheduled to reappear Feb. 22.

Troy Hughes, 27, of Coal Grove had his case continued to March 1 on charges of misuse of a credit card.

Corey B. Julian, 26, of Chesapeake, pleaded not guilty to charges of theft. Julian had his bond set at $40,000 own recognizances, and is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 22.

Jimmie O’Field, 47, of South Point, had his case continued until next week. O’Field is accused of possession of Xanax, as well as three weapons charges.

Jordan N. Perry, 23, of Ironton, pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and was sentenced to four years of ISP, 200 hours of community service, and successful completion of a program at STAR.

Keith Slutz, 44, of Ironton, denied violating the terms of his ccs by engaging in intimidation. Slutz will go to trial in his case next week.

Roger W. Smith, Jr., 36, of Proctorville had his request to expunge his record denied. Smith, who was convicted and served time for aggravated robbery with a firearm, had asked to have his record expunged for employment purposes, according to a letter written on his behalf.

Clinton Spurlock, 30, of Ashland, admitted to violating his CCS. Spurlock was sentenced to seven months in prison and will be off CCS.

Joseph Whaley, 26, of Ironton, had his assault case continued until Feb. 15.

Mickey R. Wilson, 28, of Ironton, admitted to CCS violations and was sentenced by Ballard to six months in jail after he was found in possession of drugs and refused to participate in a program at STAR.