Meetings brought to public

Published 10:55 am Friday, February 10, 2017

Each Tuesday, the Lawrence County Commissioners hold their weekly meetings at the county courthouse in the commission chambers.

While these weekly meetings have been held in the same manner for years, the new commission took a good step in the right direction by holding one of their meetings each month at a location in the community. These are places in the community throughout the county, many to be held in the evenings with the first being at Casa Grande restaurant in South Point.

This allows many residents who cannot attend the meetings in Ironton, because of the scheduled meeting time or location, to be active in our county government.

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Having more community involvement benefits both the commission and residents because the voices of more residents can be heard from throughout the county about the concerns, challenges, and positives, and the commissioners can receive feedback and ultimately make decisions not just on information received in a report.

All too often, citizens around the county can feel left out or that their voices aren’t heard because they cannot attend the weekly meetings on Tuesdays.

Adjusting and rotating one meeting to accommodate the needs of those who the commissioners represent is a good idea.

The commissioners have done their part; the onus is now on the citizens of Lawrence County to become more involved in their local government and attend the meetings.