Tax plan would combat climate change

Published 10:58 am Friday, February 10, 2017

A ray of hope may have appeared today in the fight to combat climate change in the form of a new proposal from former Republican officials James Baker, Henry Paulson and George Schultz.

Along with a group of conservative economists, they call for a fully refundable tax on carbon pollution. The tax would begin at $40 per ton of pollution, which would give consumers a market incentive to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels. To offset higher energy costs taxpayers would receive a $2,000 rebate check . By making the right choices one could actually lower their tax bill, and contribute to a more livable environment for their children.

Unfortunately, nearly all of President Donald Trump’s nominees to the executive branch are climate change deniers. Perhaps the worst offender is his choice to head the EPA, Scott Pruitt. As Oklahoma’s attorney general he sued the EPA to stop the Clean Power Plan, and he has been a consistent opponent of any action to limit carbon pollution. He would have us continue to treat our atmosphere as an open sewer to benefit his fossil fuel supporters. There is still time to stop his confirmation. Please call U.S. Sens. Portman and Brown and ask them to vote no. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

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Robert McCollister