Flu shot lessens burden

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 19, 2017

Throughout each winter, we see illnesses rise. And one sickness that has been especially drastic this winter is the flu.
Having the flu is surely a terrible illness, and while it typically only lasts a few days, the cases seen this winter have been particularly bad nationwide.
For some, getting the flu shot is something that has become habit each year. But for just as many, or more, the vaccine is something that is rejected.
Is the flu shot a guarantee that you won’t get sick? Absolutely not. But it can help reduce the severity if you do get sick.
Additionally, while it hasn’t reached widespread in most local school districts, many of the schools throughout the county and region have been taking additional precautions when cleaning to disinfect their buildings in an effort to try and combat any instances of the illness from becoming extensive.
The health departments, local pharmacies and many doctors offer the flu shot, and we encourage residents to seek a time to make this happen.
Ultimately, the flu can hit anyone at any time, but taking precautions through vaccination and disinfecting can help the burden that comes with the illness.

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