City to flush hydrants

Published 9:28 am Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Citizens warned of possible discolored water

Ironton will be flushing hydrants for six days, starting on March 27.

The Ironton Fire Department will do the work from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Water Superintendent Ryan Watts said they do the flushing twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

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“With the spring one, we try to catch it in the same time as the turnover in the lakes because there is a temperature threshold that is crossed which makes it more effective,” he said. “But that’s kind of a guessing game, it’s not scientific.”

The flushing of the lines is an effort to get sediment like sand, rust, and biological materials out of the system.

“These old iron water lines, you can get sediment build up and rust build up, so it’s strictly a maintenance issue to get that stuff flushed out,” Watts said. “We’re trying to minimize those occurrences and it keeps the whole system fresh.”

It is also needed to rid odd tastes and odors out of the dead-end lines. It ensures hydrants are in working order when needed to fight fires as well.

Residents may notice a temporary discoloration of their water, and should avoid using water for laundry or drinking during that time.

There is a product available to get the discoloration out of clothes.

“It’s called Rover, we just call it rust remover,” Watts said. “It will be available at the water office, if it’s needed.”

And even if the water is discolored, it is still safe to drink.

“It still completely disinfected,” Watts said. “It’s just the aesthetics of it aren’t pleasing to look at. It is actually safe.”

Any discolored water has the potential of entering the home, including the hot water heater.  It is highly recommended that the hot water heater be drained, as per manufacturer’s recommendations, after the flushing process is complete.  Regular flushing of water heaters is recommended by all manufacturers and will minimize discolored water problems associated with hot water appliances.

The schedule will be as follows:

• Monday, March 27: Ninth Street to the hill side city limits and the south end city limits which will include the Ironton Hills shopping area, Yellow Branch/Deep Cut Road, and State Route 141 area.

• Tuesday, March 28: Seventh Street from Mill to Kemp and Eighth Street to the hill side city limits, and from Heplar Street to the South end City limits.

• Wednesday, March 29: Seventh Street from Kemp to south end city limits; all of Sixth and Fifth Streets from Elm to Mulberry.

• Thursday, March 30: Fourth Street South end to Storms Creek and Fifth Street from Mulberry Street to south end city limits.

• Friday, March 31: First, Second, and Third streets to south city limit.

• Saturday, April 1: From Storms Creek to north end city limits.