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Focus is on serving readers

Change is never easy, particularly when a person’s routines are impacted. This is magnified when the habits of thousands are affected.

That was definitely a part of the process as the leadership team began evaluating the move from traditional delivery of independently contracted carriers to a partnership with the United States Postal Service.

Ultimately, after much thought and evaluation, the decision was made to move forward with the delivery partnership with the USPS.

I hope that the story in today’s paper along with the Frequently Asked Questions section provides you with information and clarity on the decision and how this change impacts you.

And for the readers and our advertising partners, our goal is that this impact should be positive. For many readers, you may receive your daily edition of The Tribune each day Monday-Saturday, and, for many readers, much earlier in the day. Same goes for our advertising partners, as we will now get your message to a new audience as papers will be at the single copy locations by 8 a.m. on those same days.

In the end, the decision to make this transition to mail delivery allows us to position the company to best serve our current, and future readers through increased efficiency, and affords us the ability to reallocate resources to our news coverage and enhance our investments back into the communities we serve.

A big portion of the evaluation process was also focused on the impact to our independently contracted carriers, and we have prepared a plan that helps those contracted carriers during this transition.

In the end, our goal for 150 years has been to provide the best local news and sports coverage to our readers and value to our advertising partners. And that goal will never change.

We have to continue to adjust and evolve at The Tribune, like so many other newspapers and inustries today.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 740-532-1441.