News isn’t always pleasant

Published 12:12 pm Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sometimes, the things we do can make others upset. This goes for individuals and businesses. This includes journalists and newspapers, including us here at The Tribune.

When you are charged with providing the news, unfortunately, some stories are good, and some negative. But, ultimately, we are here to keep the residents of Lawrence County and surrounding communities informed. There will be times when stories we report make people unhappy for a variety of reasons. There are times statements are made in a public forum, where many other members of the community are present, reasons for withholding a name are negated. But in some cases, we also understand that anonymity is needed as well.

We understand this can be upsetting. No one likes to see his or her name associated with a story, especially when it involves crime or something negative. We try to, when possible, provide additional identifying material, so that you know the “John Smith, 29, of Ironton” is not the 50-year-old “John Smith” who lives next door to you in Chesapeake, Kitts Hill or Pedro.

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But sometimes our job, which is providing the facts as they are presented in a public forum or other venue, may not make everyone happy. Our goal is not to upset anyone unnecessarily, but our dedication to the facts and telling a complete story must, and will always, come first — even if it makes someone unhappy.

That isn’t ever our intention, but the ultimate purpose of our role in the community is to provide complete and truthful stories readers deserve.