Roads, water and sewer projects subject of council Wednesday

Published 12:01 pm Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It was an hour-long Ironton City Council meeting on Thursday, with most of that time taken up by people talking to the council about paving roads,  water and sewer lines and mosquito grants.

First up was Mayor Katrina Keith, who had to make a short report because she had to get to Navy Night where she was one of the speakers.

She said her office has received quotes for five paving projects.

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“We are contacting the necessary people to move ahead with that,” she said. “We did qualify for a zero interest loan to do Phase 4, Phase 5 of Batham Lane.”

She also asked people to support the various activities that are happening this Memorial Day weekend.

She said that the city’s water distribution department is dealing with a main water line that is under ramps to the old Ironton-Russell Bridge.

“When they built the pier, that concrete went down and wrapped around that water line,” Keith said. “That is a major water line to our reservoir.

She said the department has been working with Brayman Construction to make sure the line doesn’t get busted. Brayman paid for some valves so that the water can be turned off while crews fix the line.

“If that busts, we’re shipping in bottles of water, I guess,” she said.

Kenny Dickess, owner of Ohio Valley Crash Parts, told the council that his business was moving from Spruce Street to a new facility at 3217 S. Third Street and was wondering if they help with the sewer and water tap.

Bob Cleary said he knew about the project and that it was going to create jobs and suggested that the city help out “any time to encourage new businesses and jobs.”

In the end, the council agreed to make a recommendation for the new lines.

Dickess bought the new property by Cooke’s Farm Center in 2015 and said he expects construction to start within 60 days.

Laura Brown, the director of the city health department, updated the council on mosquito grant.

She said they didn’t apply for a grant for 2017 because they got a mosquito grant in November 2016 and because it was so late in the year, they can use the money this year.

“So, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to apply for 2017, it was that I couldn’t” because the 2016 grant was so late in the year. They can apply for the $16,000 2018 grant this August.

She said they are also trying to get Hepatitis C testing for baby boomers in place by August.

She also talked about the health department cleaning up some lots by mowing and trimming overgrown lots.

Brown said they are also working as hard as they can to dispose of the mattresses that people are dumping around town.

In the ordinance section of the agenda, the council had first readings on a quit claim deed, a application to the state Revolving Loan Fund to repair a downtown business façade, and a request to purchase a truck and lawn care equipment.

Since there were only five council members present, there were not enough to suspend the rules to give second and third readings. So the ordinances will be addressed at the next council meeting.

A motion about SBA leasing space on the cell tower remained tabled.

The next council meeting will be on June 8.