Demolitions to bring benefits

Published 10:31 am Tuesday, June 6, 2017

In the next couple of weeks, demolition on various dilapidated properties throughout the county will begin through the Lawrence County Land Bank.

With many of these properties posing dangers to neighbors and communities, removing these structures and revitalizing them into usable properties will be a win for everyone.

For far too long, many of the homes set to be leveled have sat unoccupied, been lived in sparingly or have been otherwise simply abandoned for various reasons. Not only does it pose potential issues for the structures, but many of them have overgrown weeds and grass that can attract rodents and snakes, adding to the danger for those, many with children, who live next door.

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Then, you also have to consider these are prime locations for loiterers, or even worse, giving a place for illegal activities.

These projects will look to repurpose the land back into usable space by new owners.

Nice neighborhoods can play a vital role in new businesses making the decision to open or relocate to one of our communities, and that is something that cannot, and should not be overlooked.

In a time where Lawrence County and the region have been severally impacted by the economic downtown, projects like this can serve as a crucial part in revitalization.