Some mothers are not what they seem

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I know of mothers who treat their children badly. They pretend to be Christian to people around them. They are the devil in disguise. I, along with many other humans, believe in unconditional love towards your children. How could a mother put their children out on the street when they know their child won’t have the money to make it for two months?

A normal, good mother would tell their children they will have to be on their own when they are able to afford it, not tell them it isn’t their problem if they can’t make it. What kind of mother thinks like that? They care more for their granddaughter or others then their own children.

Sometimes they take after their evil, sick fathers. When fathers put their daughters out, then when they become mothers they do the same thing.

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Sometimes, they need medical help. I think any mother who treats their child badly requires mental help. Of course, they won’t admit it or they don’t see it. When they tell people they have no family what do they think their children are?

They should realize that someday they may have a disability where they need someone to help them. I know of some mothers who mortgaged their homes to help others, but will not help their own children in any way. I have no respect for any mother that treats their children that way. I don’t think anyone would respect a mother who has such evil feelings towards their child. These mothers will fool you. They make you believe they are nice. However, behind closed doors the evil comes out and their children have to live with it.

They don’t realize the pain and hurt they cause that child. This pain and hurt will last for their lifetime. Talk to the children of these mothers and you will find how evil these mothers are.

These mothers are not going to tell you the truth. I have no reason to say anything bad about any mother. These are facts that I have seen. I want people to realize many mothers aren’t what they appear to be. We, as parents, should never turn our backs on our children. Good parents wouldn’t.


James Murphy
South Point