Meeting on city government was informative

Published 12:26 pm Sunday, July 16, 2017

I attended the July 10 mayor’s and department heads town hall meeting at the Big Boy.

The meeting was informative, transparent and non-political. Mayor Keith clearly explained the function and responsibilities of each branch of the Ironton city government. She also gave a realistic picture of the status of the city.

The Mayor also encouraged the audience to ask any question on any topic dealing with the operation of the City of Ironton. Questions were answered in a clear concise manner by the mayor or by the various department heads.

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An informed citizenry is a vital key for a democracy to succeed. I strongly encourage everyone to attend the next town hall meeting, which will be at Peddler’s on Thursday, July 20 at noon.

I believe you will walk away from the meeting with a new appreciation of the city’s employees and elected officials.


Gary Belcher, Ph.D.