Thanks to those who serve

Published 12:24 pm Sunday, July 16, 2017

As the Lawrence County Fair winds down, we want to commend everyone who makes it happen.

Just the sheer fact that year after year, the fair attracts thousands of people to Rome Township with hardly a hiccup is an amazing feat. There is music, demolition derbies and monster trucks for people to watch from the newly renovated grandstand. There is a huge selection of food. And hundreds of 4-H kids bring their animals for a full week in hope of being declared a grand champion.

It takes an astounding amount of work on the part of a lot of people to get the grounds ready for the fair, keep the fair running smoothly and clean so we can all enjoy a day at the fair. From animal judges, to committee members who coordinate the animal shows, to the police officers on patrol to the paramedics there to administer first aid, there is a lot going on from dawn to midnight, and they all keep it moving forward.

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Most of these people never get their names mentioned in the newspaper, but they know who they are and we thank them for all the time and effort to put on a great county fair for the whole community.