Wayne National Forest signs vandalized

Published 10:34 am Saturday, August 26, 2017

PEDRO — The Wayne National Forest is seeking information about who vanadalized 12 signs along the Hanging Rock off-highway vehicle trailhead area.

According to the Ranger District, the bright yellow road signs on wooden posts along Forest Service Road 105 were broken off at the base of the signs. Most of the signs were either to alert drivers to an ATV trail crossing or stop signs for both road and ATV trail crossings.

The incident is believed to have occurred on the night of Aug. 5.

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“These signs are critical to the safety of motorists and riders alike,” said Destiny Chapman, acting district ranger for the Ironton Ranger District. “Their absence could have resulted in the serious injury of visitors trying to enjoy the trails or the ponds in the area. It also resulted in a need for a significant amount of time and funding to fix the situation.”

District staff worked quickly to retrieve the signs that were salvageable. They refurbished and signs were replaced at the proper locations.

Anyone with information concerning this incident or any other similar incident is encouraged to contact the Ironton Ranger Station at 740-534-6500 or by email at r9_wayne_website@fs.fed.us.