Politicians created unrest on monuments

Published 9:49 am Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Where does the current political unrest across the country end? Our politicians have created this by sitting back and allowing groups to destroy our historic markers and monuments. And it now appears it has expanded to the Father of our Country, President George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and, for whatever reason I fail to understand, statues of Christopher Columbus.

The problems start with our educators in this country. The War Between the States was never fought over the issue of slavery directly. All wars are fought over two main principles — Money and Power. The South at this time had most of the country’s wealth and the northern politicians needed to find a way to extract it from her.

Slavery was and will forever be a blight on this nation’s history. However, many people and races have been enslaved throughout history. The Romans and the Ottoman Empire enslaved many. The Egyptians enslaved the Jewish people. Most people know this story. The American Indian would enslave the conquered tribes as they went to war.

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During our country’s young history, we enslaved a race of people. However, what our educators fail to teach us is that both black and white people owned slaves in our country. I have heard the argument that black men would buy their family to keep them from their white taskmasters, but that argument is not a good argument. As a slave owner, the master had the power to either enslave his property or release them. Known as Freemen. I believe that if I owned my mother and father and brother, and did not release them as freemen, now where is the bigger sin?

Unless we demand that the politicians and the police departments do their jobs, we are doomed to fail as a nation on this present course. I hold the politicians responsible, as I believe that the majority of our police departments want to put a stop to this. But our PC politics of today have bleed down to the departments’ politicians and they force the department to stand down.
If we think that our nation can never fail, remember the Roman Empire, or as close as the former USSR. We do not simply continue as a nation because we continue as a nation with the knowledge that even with our faults we bring the best qualities to the top and we flourish with these principals.

John Anson