Bedrock of community

Published 7:32 am Thursday, August 31, 2017

This week, Athalia Dillon Chapel hosted its homecoming, celebrating 140 years as at the location.

For more than a century, and surviving events such as the 1937 flood, the building has stood on the same rock foundation and is the village’s only active church.

Churches like it are, themselves, the bedrock of close-knit communities such as Athalia, and its members say that everyone in the 30-member congregation knows each other’s name.

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Whereas larger churches may pursue ambitions in the larger world, Athalia Dillon Chapel has remained focused on the locals who attend it and puts its focus on the Gospel.

By staying true to themselves and not compromising their mission, the congregation has seen its church enjoy longevity.

We congratulate the church on reaching this milestone and wish them success for decades to come.