Inmate caught after a month on the run

Published 11:37 am Friday, September 1, 2017

An inmate who has been on the run for a month has been caught.

Timothy Shawn Bates, 26, along with three other inmates escaped from the Boyd County Detention Center around 4 a.m. on the morning of July 30.

On Wednesday, Bates was arrested in Greenup County after an informant arranged for him to buy drugs at a road off of U.S. 23 but instead, the police arrested him.

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He is being held in the Greenup County Detention Center on several charges.

Bates and the three inmates, Zachary King, 28, Robert Rains, 28, and Jeremie Deboard, 32, escaped from the detention center via a pipe chase, broke through into a mop closet into an unsecured area of the jail, and went out an emergency fire exit.

They weren’t discovered missing until a 6:30 a.m. head count. King and DeBoard were arrested on the afternoon of July 30 by officers with the Flatwoods Police and the Greenup County Sheriff’s Office. Rains was captured Aug. 3 in Greenup County.

The inmates were in the detention center on drug charges or drug-related offenses and were not wanted or convicted of violent felony charges.

It may be awhile before any of the inmates are back in the Boyd County Detention Center. On Aug. 20 around 11:30 p.m., a small riot broke out but was contained to a single cell. Ten maximum security inmates, all of whom have been charged with violent crimes like murder, attempted murder, robbery and assault, fought with two deputies.

The deputies had to retreat and called for backup. They were unable to close the cell doors before inmates forced their way out. The inmates were still contained in a hallway, where they stacked blankets, mail, toilet paper and other flammable items against both entry doors and set the piles on fire.

Officers entered the hallway where the rioters were and the fires were extinguished. Deputies regained control of the inmates, who were restrained and removed from the area.

Due to heavy smoke, inmates in other cells were taken into the recreation yard.

While the facility is still housing some inmates, 70 inmates were transferred to the Little Sandy Detention Center, Carter County Detention Center and the Pike County Detention Center.