Helping all our neighbors

Published 8:57 am Sunday, September 10, 2017

There has been an outpouring of generosity as people donate goods and money to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. It is in times of tragedy and disasters that Americans show their true generosity and innate goodness.

There are numerous local groups doing collections: Ohio University-Southern students took donations at the Ironton High School football game, the Department of Job and Family Services and the Teresa Chapter #257 of Order of the Eastern Star collected everything from blankets to cleaning supplies, BWC Trucking and  Prestera Trucking coordinated the shipping of collected goods.

No official order went out telling people to make donations and then figure out the complex logistics of shipping large quantities of stuff to Houston, people have just taken it on themselves to do it.

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This is what makes us great as a nation, that in times of trouble we help out. And who gets the donations? People who need it, that’s who. When we donate a case of water or throw some money in a hat, we don’t question the politics of the recipient or whether they believe that same things we do or even if they like the same sports team as us.

It doesn’t matter in times of disaster.

We just know that there is a need and we want to help. We are being generous and after weeks and weeks of news stories of toxic people and terrible political talk, it does the soul good to see that no matter what, we actually still care about our fellow Americans. Maybe our nation’s good nature will carry us through the darker moments.