An academic success story

Published 9:02 am Friday, September 22, 2017

Eight students at Chesapeake Elementary School were honored for a major accomplishment on Monday night.

At the board of education’s regular monthly meeting, principal Trisha Harris and three teachers presented medals to four third graders and four fourth graders who had earned perfect scores on the state AIR math test last year.

A perfect score is a rarity, and, for eight students to reach that level of achievement is something the school can truly take pride in.

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This was not the only good news the school saw from recent testing. As the board pointed out, Chesapeake Elementary has had the highest score on the state report card of any elementary in Lawrence County for three years running.

In addition to the students, Harris, the teachers and staff at the school should be congratulated for this accomplishment.

The path to success and academic excellence begins at a young age, and this school has done a great job in getting the students on the right track for their future.