Goober meets blonde Gators’ fan

Published 12:37 am Thursday, October 5, 2017

Welp, I saw where them Florida Gators gots lucky again and beat Vanderbilt. I knows bout the game cause of one of the Florida fans.
The fan is a blonde coed and I happened to meet her at Unger’s Shoe Store. She wanted to celebrate the win by buying some alligator shoes. Joe Unger told her that the shoes were $500.
“I can’t afford that. How about a discount?” asked the blonde Florida coed.
Joe Unger — the owner of Unger’s Fine Footwear and father of placekicker Izack Unger — said the shoes came from Italy and there’s no way he could discount them. The blonde kept pesterin’ him until Joe finally told the girl, “Listen, there’s an alligator pond near Jerry Bester’s cabin at Lawco Lake. You catch yourself one and you won’t have to pay anything.”
The blonde smiled and said, “You’ve got a deal.”
Welp, the girl was gone for several hours and finally Joe started to feel guilty so he goes to check on her. When he gets to Jerry’s pond he sees the girl standing there surrounded by six dead alligators.
The blonde coed looks over at Joe and says, “Is this some kind of a joke? Not one of these alligators has shoes on!”
And I bet the girl alligators didn’t have any purses, either.
Ennywho, last week I wuz 9-4 to bring the season record to 65-26. Here goes week seven.
Rock Hill at Ironton: It’s homecomin’ at Ironton which seems appropriate with Mark Lutz comin’ back with the Redmen. Ironton proves rude hosts. Ironton 28, Rock Hill 21.
Coal Grove at Gallipolis: Ya gots to start believin’ in them Hornets. Coal Grove 20, Gallipolis 18.
Fairland at South Point: Sorry Dragons, but I ain’t gonna do that opposite thing with my picks this week. Fairland 40, South Point 8.
Chesapeake at Portsmouth: I kind of sees this one as a wild, wild shootout. Chesapeake 42, Portsmouth 38.
Portsmouth Notre Dame at Symmes Valley: The Vikings are on a roll and they is gonna steamroll this week. Symmes Valley 41, Notre Dame 6.
Green at Manchester: Under normal conditions, I’d pick the Bobcats. But injuries have taken the normal out of their team. Manchester 24, Green 16.
OTHERS: Wheelersburg over Waverly; Russell over Pendleton County; Ashland over East Carter; Sciotoville East over Beaver Eastern; Minford over Logan; Oak Hill over Northwest; Portsmouth West over Lucasville Valley.

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