Transparency in action

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Last week, the South Point Board of Education hosted a special meeting to address questions from the public on the issue of drug testing for student athletes.

After the results of four athletes came back questionable in the initial round of testing, the board was awaiting further results.

As superintendent Mark Christian said, it was a matter of “innocent until proven guilty” until then.

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As Christian explained, following further results, expected shortly, any athlete who failed to pass the test would be required to undergo counseling and sit out 30 percent of the season.

Prior to the meeting, false rumors had spread among the public that the athletes would be allowed to play regardless, while others felt the penalty was too harsh.

Thankfully, the board provided a clear explanation of the district’s drug policy and made itself available to questions and comments from parents.

Government, including public schools, flourishes under transparency and the board did the right thing by addressing public concerns head on.