Lives in the balance

Published 8:42 am Thursday, October 12, 2017

October is National Fire Prevention Month and crews throughout Lawrence County have been working to educate the public on minimizing fire risks and what to do in the case of a blaze.

On Saturday, The Coal Grove Volunteer Fire Department hosted Fire Safety Day at Paul Porter Park, giving live demonstrations of equipment and offering safety tips to attendees.

The demonstrations involved putting out a Christmas tree fire, as well as a mock auto accident fire.

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The department also conducted a coloring contest with Deering Elementary students and displayed the winning posters.

The South Point Volunteer Fire Department is also doing educational activities this month, with a stop at South Point Elementary planned.

As they do each year, crews plan to set a smoke house, using water vapor to simulate the conditions of a burning home, while they teach the children how to safely crawl out.

Many of the tips learned in childhood will stay with a person their entire life. Community outreach events like these may very well end up making the difference between life and death one day for the attendees.

We offer many thanks to all involved who take part in this effort each year.