Waldo’s relationships will be asset

Published 4:08 pm Sunday, November 5, 2017

I am writing to endorse Kevin J. Waldo for Ironton Municipal Court Judge. With Kevin Waldo as Judge, the court will be operated with integrity, fairness and equal justice under the law for everyone.

Kevin Waldo has a great relationship with Ironton City Council, which will only help the city’s residents, unions and the city’s financial woes. He has an equally great relationship with the county commissioners, Judge Andrew Ballard, the sheriff and prosecutor, which will only help the county going forward. He can and will work closely with STAR Justice Center to help drug-addicted offenders get the treatment they need instead of incarcerating them in our already over-crowded jails. Good things happen when you make sure good things happen!

Join me in voting for Kevin J. Waldo for our next Ironton Municipal Judge on Nov. 7 and sit back and watch the good things happen!

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Jennifer Howard