Calling Christians into service

Published 1:06 pm Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In Lawrence County we all know the terrible reality and devastation of drug addiction.

As Christians, we are perplexed by addiction, occurrence and relapse. We hear the “good News,” the words of our Savior, Our Lord Jesus Christ, spoken from many pulpits on Sunday morning each week.

We the congregations, the people of God, the people of Lawrence County, respond to the spoken word with an “Amen,” Alleluia” or Lord Hear Our Prayer.” These are simple, utterances that totally miss the mark of what we as Christians are called to do.

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We, as Christians, are called to lead all people out of darkness. We are soldiers of Christ. Our responses can not be strictly verbal and be effective. Christians must take action in order to lead people out of darkness, into the light. Drugs, hunger, unemployment, child abuse, etc. are all forms of darkness that are prevalent in the world, so I’m calling all Christians into active service now! I implore you to say, “I believe and know my Lord Jesus Christ and I will to put my words of testimony into active service.”

As we enter the month of November, our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and the traditional dinner. The history of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for the freedom to worship. I challenge all Christians to offer a tangible sign of your faith in action and feed the hungry. Harvest for the Hungry will be giving out 500 full turkey dinners to needy Lawrence County families. In order to do this, we need monetary donations to purchase all the foodstuffs required to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving day dinner.

We are called to feed the hungry, so let’s show that we hear the call and go into action by donating.

Please send donations to Harvest for the Hungry, 120 N. 5 th St., Ironton, OH 45638. Checks should be made out to Harvest for the Hungry.

As you and your loved ones sit down to your own Thanksgiving dinner, you will know that because of you, the darkness in a fellow citizen’s life is receding. The Light of the World, Jesus Christ,” is smiling radiantly on you.


Peggy Hartwig