Campaign to boost shopping in South Ashland

Published 8:02 am Monday, November 27, 2017

ASHLAND — Ashland in Motion has launched a campaign aimed at rebuilding business in South Ashland impacted by construction projects that have impeded traffic in the area through the past several months.

The group is urging the community to support 29th Street shops and services and is offering an opportunity to win cash for the holidays.

“Due to recent, federally mandated construction and city improvements, businesses located along the 29th Street corridor have been negatively impacted and have experienced a significant decline in patronage,” the group said in a news release. “In an effort to aid Ashland businesses located along the 29th Street corridor, the City of Ashland has granted local non-profit organization, Ashland in Motion, $5,000 in funds to directly advocate for the effected businesses.”

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The group said the funding will directly support advertising, promotion, marketing and campaign coordination designed to enhance patronage and support economic growth. All funds will be utilized for the 29th Street campaign.

The City of Ashland Commissioners and the mayor approved the initiative on Oct. 27.

The campaign encourages the community to choose 29th Street businesses and, to further incentivize shoppers to invest in South Ashland, a raffle for a chance to win $1,000 began on Nov. 24 and will run through Friday, December 22.

Shoppers may enter the raffle by spending $5 or more at any retailer or service industry located on 29th Street between Carter and Blackburn avenues. Consumers may submit receipts from purchase to Ken’s 29th St. Express Mart, located at 954 29th St.

There is no limit to the number of entries and shoppers may submit receipts for each transaction made at a participating location. Shoppers must include first and last name and a telephone number on each receipt.

The drawing for the $1,000 cash prize will be held on Dec. 23. For more information visit the Facebook page “Shop 29th” or contact Ashland in Motion at