Everyday heroes

Published 9:31 am Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Who is your hero? Do you know someone who has saved a life or made an incredible impact on a person or community and deserves the recognition? The Tribune is looking for stories about local heroes for our Profile section coming in February of 2018. We want you to share the story behind your hero.

Not sure how to write the story about your hero? Here are some helpful tips:


Just in case you haven’t written about your hero before, here are some tips and examples.
Start with the who, what, where, when and how — Who is your hero? What town do they live in? How did they become a hero?
Keep it simple — We will edit for grammar. Leave the editing to us.
Submit a photo — Photos will make the story even better. Upload your hero’s photo to the submission form.


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• Community — A community member who has consistently and tirelessly stepped forward and exemplified a passion for giving.
• Business — An organization or group of people that have undertaken a project to help others.
• Mentor/Coach — A person who has made a dramatic impact in the life of another.
• Emergency Responder — A person who steps forward during an emergency to help.
• Faith/Spiritual — A person who makes an impact in their religious community.
• Youth leader— A member of the community who has found a special way to brighten the day of the younger generation.
• Educator — A teacher, current or retired, who has found ways to inspire students beyond their own expectations.

Readers are invited to submit about 250-350 words on why their nomination should be recognized. Deadline for submissions is Jan. 12, 2018.

Emails to  editor@irontontribune.com should be sent as Word attachments (with .doc extension) or the text can be placed in the body of the email.
Please include the subject as Everyday Heroes.