Ironton City Council to meet tonight

Published 7:59 am Thursday, January 11, 2018

Rummage sale permit fee increase to get third and final reading

The Ironton City Council has a light agenda for tonight’s meeting.

Two ordinances will be getting a third reading and there is one resolution to make the vice mayor a signatory.

Before the regular meeting, the finance committee will meet at 5:30 p.m. to discuss health insurance for city employees.

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The regular meeting begins at 6 p.m.

One of the ordinances up for third reading are to raise the city’s rummage sale permit fee from $5 to $10 to cover the cost of the police department enforcing the law that people must have a permit every time they have a yard sale.

The other is an ordinance amending a city ordinance to raise the service workers’ license from $100 to $150.

The sole resolution is to allow Vice Mayor Rich Blankenship to be the signatory on all the city’s accounts at financial institutions.

The resolution would replace previous vice mayors’ authorization to those accounts.

The strategic planning committee will meet after the regular meeting.

The Ironton City Council meets on the third floor of the City Center on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.