Donation makes a difference

Published 7:04 am Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Throughout the year, the Chesapeake Community Mission Outreach helps to feed hundreds of families in the eastern end of the county.

The organization has been in place since 1985 and is led by Don and Alice Moore.

Founded by local churches to tackle the problem of hunger and need in the area, it is currently supported by 16 churches and provides clothing to low-income families, in addition to its monthly food distribution.

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Each Christmas, the CMO draws a huge crowd to the its location at the Chesapeake Community Center, where an army of volunteers work tirelessly all day to bring carts, loaded with food for a holiday dinner, out to the cars of those who have registered for pick-up.

For its regular food giveaways, the CMO attempts to offer a wide variety of food for recipients and sets up its distribution like a grocery store, allowing those who come to take a shopping cart and enjoy a grocery store-like experience as they choose from the offerings.

Recently, the Proctorville Kroger announced its continuing contributions to the effort, offering donations as part of its Zero Hunger/Zero Waste effort.

The store provides perishable items, including meat, bread, produce, and sweets to the food pantry six days a week, manager Steve Gandee said, adding that volunteers from the CMO regularly come to the store to work with them.

The CMO has a noble mission and makes a difference for many in need.

We commend the Moores for their decades of community service and applaud Kroger for its contribution to these efforts.