The value of a good deed

Published 7:30 am Thursday, January 25, 2018

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the value of a good deed is something that children can learn.

These past few weeks, Dawson-Bryant Elementary School has been issuing a daily kindness challenge to its students, encouraging them to do good deeds.

These acts can take the form of simple compliments to others, bringing treats to teachers, helping others tie their shoes and other such small things that can brighten another’s day.

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As the students commit these random acts of kindness, they are given a slip of paper to write them on, which are added to the kindness chain the school is hanging in the hallway.

Principal Angie Lafon said the goal is for the chain to reach the entire length of the school’s hallway by the time the nine-week grading period ends.

Because of the Christmas break and several snow days, the school has only had a few days to work on the chain so far, but it is already about 20 feet in length.

Lafon said she is confident the students will easily reach their goal.

The campaign is taking part in conjunction with the #RACK movement, which stands for Random Acts of Cody Kindness.

The movement is named for Cody Gollihue, of Ashland, who lost his life in an auto accident last year. He was known for his devout Christianity and commitment to community service and the effort is intended to keep his legacy alive.

The school’s campaign is a positive one and will help to instill values in students and combat negativity in day-to-day life.

We’re thankful the school officials have launched this effort to show the value of a positive attitude and and we are optimistic the students will reach their stated goal.