No easy answers to threats

Published 8:02 am Friday, February 23, 2018

Wednesday and Thursday had law officers in Lawrence, Scioto and Pike counties scrambling to deal with threats of school violence being made on social media.

A female student made a threat against Rock Hill schools. A girl in Scioto County made threats against five schools. The students seemed to think that because they made the threats on Snapchat that they couldn’t be found. But they didn’t know that Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has at team that can locate where the threats were coming from and detectives made arrests within hours.

It is hard to imagine what their parents thought when officers showed up in the post-midnight hours to arrest their children. It is hard to imagine what these kids were thinking when they made threats.

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A Dawson-Bryant Middle School student made a threat on Snapchat on Thursday.

Three kids sit in detention centers so they cannot do anything bad.
Law and school officials have to investigate each and every threat. They can’t treat it as a joke, because recent school shootings show all threats must treated seriously.

Officials and administrators are left wondering what they can do to make kids realize making threats is no joking matter. There is no easy answer and no easy solution. But we commend all for taking prompt action before the worst happens here.