Finding homes

Published 10:05 am Monday, February 26, 2018

Clinic has been adopting out large lot of Guinea pigs

RUSSELL — Recently, Guardian Animal Medical Center took in about 20 Guinea pigs, dropped off from a hoarding case, and has made it their mission to get the animals adopted out to good homes.

The clinic, located Bellefonte Road, has had success in finding homes for them, hosting adoption events and other activities.

“There are four left now,” Kayla Hicks, a receptionist at the clinic, said. “We’ve adopted most of them out.”

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She said the clinic has one long-haired and three short-haired pigs left.

“They’re sweet and super low maintenance,” she said of the animals. “You can put vegetables and fruit on a little wire and hang it in their cage and leave it for them to eat.”

She said those interested in the animals can drop by the clinic, where they are available for $25 adoption fee.

“You can take your furry friend home,” she said.

Guardian Animal Medical Center has a staff of nine, including owner and founder Dr. M.J Wixom, who is also a local author and writes a weekly column on animals for The Tribune.