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Published 10:10 am Monday, February 26, 2018

Dawson-Bryant has Teacher-For-A-Day event

COAL GROVE — On Friday, students at Dawson-Bryant Elementary school got a taste of what a school day is like from the other side of the classroom.

The school hosted its annual Teacher-For-A-Day event, with students filling the roles of faculty.

“It starts at our fall festival,” principal Angie Lafon said. “It’s an activity to raise money for the school. And we make it a fun day for them”

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She said several positions throughout the school, including principal, gum teacher, librarian and music and art teachers are auctioned off and parents and family can bid for the spots for the children.

“And we also let them by Mrs. Hall for a day,” LaFon said. “She’s our superstar, fun teacher and all the kids want to be her.”

She said the funds raised go to the PTO fund and pay for extra supplies and activities for the school.

She said for the student who won her role, Anna Reynolds, a letter was sent home ahead of time, asking her to come up with ideas.

“She came up with morning and evening announcements, she did class walkthroughs, helped and in the office and other activities,” LaFon said.

She said the favorite part for many of the students was lunch.

“We served them all Giovanni’s” Lafon said. “They really liked that.”